Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What is Hospitality?

Globalization affects almost all aspects of people's lives. Some people can accept globalization, such as the younger generation, residents with high social status, and urban communities. However, some communities are difficult to accept or even reject globalization such as people in remote areas, older generations whose lives are stagnant, and people who are not ready physically or mentally.
The era of globalization has caused the service industry, which consists of various sectors such as the telecommunications, transportation, banking and hospitality industries to develop very quickly. The hotel industry, in particular, is one industry that combines products and services. The design of buildings, interior and exterior of hotel rooms and restaurants, the atmosphere created in hotels, rooms, restaurants and food and beverages sold along with all the available facilities are examples of products sold. While the services sold are hospitality and hotel staff/employee skills in serving their customers. The hotel, as a service provider tries to provide services that are most in line with the expectations of hotel service users. This is done to maintain the service business in the hospitality sector so that it can continue to compete and increase the market share that will be entered.

With this very rapid development, consumer demands are also increasing, one of which is friendly service and excellent service. The importance of service to customers is also a strategy to win the competition. However, it is not enough to give satisfaction and attention to customers, more than that hospitality is how to respond to customer desires so that it can cause a positive impression from customers. Services must be supported by quality human resources that are reliable, have a vision that is far ahead and can develop strategies and tips for excellent service that has advantages.
Indonesia is also known as a country full of hospitality, therefore the application of hospitality is now a significant factor in carrying out daily activities such as conversations between traders, clients, waiters in hotels, and waiters in restaurants. 
The purpose of writing this article is as an effort to develop science in the field of hospitality and tourism.

What is Hospitality?
Hospitality is often misinterpreted as a hospital. The hospital is one of the departments that practice the science of hospitality industry. But basically, hospitality is an attitude of hospitality that is carried out between fellow human beings. Hospitality is often encountered in markets, banks, hospitals, gas stations and others. Some understanding of hospitality with several points of view:

1. Hospitality is a translation of the Latin noun hospitium (or the adjective hospitalis), which comes from the host, which means "guest" or "host". This concept is also influenced by the Greek word xenos, which refers to strangers who receive remarks or who welcome others. (Michele Hershberger)
2. Hospitality from the word host which means guest; hospitality means attitude as a good host) is often interpreted as the hospitality of people who like to entertain, be friendly and can create a relaxed atmosphere (Henri J.M. Nouwen).
3. Hospitality is the interaction between the hosts (guests) and guests (guests) at the same time-consuming food or drinks and accommodation.
4. hospitality is defined as the word friendly, which means 'friendly' that is generous or generous and provides entertainment to guests or new people. Sometimes it is often used to give preferential treatment to guests who stay and use hospitality facilities. The hospitality industry can be interpreted as a company involved in providing services for guests (Concierge Oxford Dictionary).
5. Hospitality is the joy or willingness to receive guests (English-Indonesian Dictionary, John M. Echols and Hassan Shadily).
6. Hospitality means hospitality, courtesy, intimacy, mutual respect. If it is associated with the tourism industry, it can be likened that hospitality is the spirit, soul, and spirit of tourism. Without hospitality in tourism, all products offered in tourism

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