Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Indonesian Traditional Games in Phe Past

Indonesian people were born in the era of the 80s to 90s; they are undoubtedly familiar with traditional games such as hide and seek, gobak sodok, bamboo shots, cannons and so on. But at this time the game is almost never played again by children today because I almost never see the children in my area who play it. 
At this time, children in our environment are more familiar with many games on smartphones such as class and clan that are played on gadgets.
The traditional game with all the uniqueness, the advantages of traditional games compared to modern games in cyberspace is that traditional games must be played directly and certainly far more relaxed and fun because we play them with our friends. Together laugh happily play it. Even today, I personally still remember the good memories of childhood when playing freely with friends without any burden. Too bad if traditional games are now entirely extinct replaced by modern games like the smartphone on the smartphone that tends to be individualistic and lacking in teaching social values.

Traditional hunting, Resource:

Traditional games also teach us to have social and human values.  ​​That is very good, for example, teach us to cooperate; teach about how we get along with others, build relationships so that our relationships are not rigid; train the motor nerves so that we become active people.
To refresh our childhood memories, I want to introduce to those who have never known, here are some examples of traditional games that are very popular in this era. Among others are :

Hide and seek
This game begins with abundantly searching for who will lose the guard looking for the theme until everything is found before one of the opposing parties free him.

Indonesian Traditional Games in Phe Past
Ular naga and hide seek, resource:

Bamboo and cannon fire
This game relies on very high courage. Shooting is usually done in groups. The group that wins is the one who succeeds in shooting all the members of the opposing group while the cannon is played to compete against the sound of his voice.

Indonesian Traditional Games in Phe Past
Indonesian Traditional Games in Phe Past
Bambbo and Canoon fire, resource:

Of course, there are many more Janis other types of traditional games come from areas that I haven't mentioned, and in my opinion, traditional games are elements of local wisdom culture that should be preserved by being included in regional cultural events. Traditional games that are maintained can also be used as an attraction for cultural tourism in an area by selling it as a tour package.

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